|| Finding Funny ||
Written By Daniel Stolfi
Directed by Andrew Ferguson

When Daniel Stolfi thinks he’s lost his comedy mojo, he sets out to rediscover what drove him to make people laugh in the first place. While backstage at a worn down comedy club, Daniel recounts the story of the first time he made someone laugh and the profound impact that moment had on his life. Finding Funny is a character driven comedy piece that invites the audience into the mind of a comedian, whose only desire has ever been to make us laugh.

Daniel Stolfi scores big laughsNOW Magazine
I probably laughed at that way too loud – Mooney on Theatre 
Stolfi is s a tour de force! – My Entertainment World 


|| Cancer Can’t Dance Like This ||
Written By Daniel Stolfi
Directed By Andrew Ferguson
Produced By Jennifer De Lucia, Andrew Ferguson and Daniel Stolfi
*Winner of the 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best One Person Show

The Characters of Cancer Can't Dance Like This

|| The 25th Anniversary Production of The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine ||
Written By Martha Ross, Leah Cherniak and Robert Morgan
Starring Daniel Stolfi and Jennifer De Lucia
Directed by Robert Morgan
The production ran for 3 weeks in November of 2012

NNNN NOW Magazine

“This new production is so brilliantly executed that Stolfi and De Lucia have surely set a new benchmark in how these now classic comic characters are portrayed.” -4/5 Stars – STAGE DOOR

“Jennifer De Lucia and Daniel Stolfi, whose palpable contrasts and flair for physical comedy lift every mundane action to hysterically funny heights.” -The Charlebois Post 

“Jennifer De Lucia and Daniel Stolfi, a real-life couple whose dynamic onstage is so full of sincere emotion that it’s impossible not to get caught up in their downward spiral.” -Mooney on Theatre 

TheAnger_Poster.FA copy


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